Austin-Based Z Tequila Takes Double Gold at San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Z Tequila Blanco receives highest medal at the oldest, largest, and most recognized spirits competition in the United States.

Austin, Texas, 5 April 2012 – The San Francisco World Spirits Competition announced the results from their 12th annual competition. This is the first time Z Tequila has entered this esteemed competition that attracts big and small brands alike from across the globe. Z Tequila competed with more than 1,200 other products, from 65 countries and judged by 34 of the most sophisticated palates in the industry.

Every spirit entered in the competition is judged through tastings during the three-day event starting on March 23rd. The well-received spirits are then awarded Bronze, Silver, Gold, or the highest medal honor, the Double Gold Medal. Double Gold Medals are only awarded to a spirit that is awarded a Gold Medal by all 34 judges making it the most sought after medal.

All three Z Tequilas won medals. Z Tequila’s most popular product, Z Tequila Blanco, a premium silver tequila received a unanimous Gold by all 34 judges and was awarded the Double Gold Medal.

Pepe Zevada, the founder and inspiration behind Z Tequila, celebrates this award saying, “It is a great pleasure to announce this recognition. Receiving the Double Gold Medal is a testament to the quality of Z Tequila. I have always felt Z Tequila’s taste is among the best and people who try Z Tequila always agree that our taste is like no other. Now, we have a Double Gold Medal that validates our feeling that we have created a truly special tequila.”

A celebration for winning the Double Gold Medal will be held at the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Austin, Texas on May 1st. More information about the celebration will be posted online at


In 2008 in Austin, Texas, Pepe Zevada founded Z Tequila because his friends from 30 years in the spirits industry asked him to create a tequila that they can sip together. The result is 100 percent pure agave premium tequila from the lowlands of Jalisco, Mexico using only patiently matured agave and crafted through traditional techniques by true distillery artisans. Tradition meets cutting edge technology in the filtration and aging processes for an uncompromised smooth and elegant taste in each of the Z products: Z Blanco, Z Reposado, and Z Añejo.

Today, Z Tequila can be found all over Texas and is continuing to grow a faithful following. For more information about Z Tequila please visit, or @PepeZTequila #Z